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Take a Ford Focus, drop in a CD Tuner head unit, amps, mid-range, tweeters and a single sub. Install with tender loving care using quality cables and accessories then put on the pit-bull of alarms - the Clifford Concept 600 (+ some very hidden extras) and you've got a well balanced setup. 100+ man hours went into this car - and it shows.
Security in the car was essential and choosing the right alarm wasn't a tough choice at all. The Clifford Concept 600 gives excellent performance and reliability - what more do you want? Oh yes, a high standard of security of course! For obvious reasons we're not going to show you any security installation here. So there!
The need for boot space gave us a challenge with the sub box. Seb dons the gloves for a pasting.
Dave feeds Autoleads into the doors
Rear mounts were given the 'Seb' treatment.
Front mounts are solid and free from resonance. A clean, tight sound is acheived - probably something to do with the 4 layers of sound matting!
The Alpine MRVF407 V12 amp is a little too big to put under the seat. Again, with bootspace in mind we hardly lost any working space at all with this method.  
Look Ma!...bootspace! Only a small portion of useable space was taken up. Let's go shopping! Then again.....
Behind the reinforced grille (handy when you treasure your cones) sits a JL Audio 10W3 D2 Sub.

The Alpine 7832R CD Tuner sits comfortably under the new facia into which the flush Clifford LED and valet switch are mounted.

Customer Comments

"I've been a regular customer of Flying Sparks now for around 12 years. I have come to trust their judgements implicitly, but I generally have my own thoughts about the visible items - the rest is up to them, it's that simple. If you had to sum up this particular installation, given the budget that they worked to, and that the car's not particularly well setup for audio - then in a word it's 'unbelieveable'.

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